Japan Plans to Build 300,000 EV Charging Stations by 2030

HOSTON ENERGY 13, September, 2023   ——Build more charging stations ——Faster charging speed ——Future market    Build More EV Charging Station The Japanese government has decided to double its current target for building charging station to 300,000 by 2030. As electric vehicles become increasingly popular around the world, the Japanese government hopes that an increase […]

What Is EV Charging Station After-sales Service?

When you choose an EV charging station or have already purchased an EV charging station, after-sales service is a very important point that should be taken into consideration. Usually after-sales service includes 3 parts: 1. Installation guidance 2. Operation guidance 3. Fault maintenance.   Installation Guidance Installation guidance is generally detailed in the installation manual […]

What Are the Types of EV Charging Connectors?

The differences in charging connector are mainly caused by different power supply voltages and different usage habits in various countries. In addition, the charging connector types of AC charging stations and DC charging stations are also different.   Today, the world’s mainstream charging connector standards are mainly 4 standards. North American, European, Japanese and Chinese […]

What Are the Differences Between EV AC and DC Charging Station?

There are two different EV charging stations, AC and EV DC charging station. Actually, it’s not because the manufacturers that make the charging stations intentionally do it. Generally, the State Grid always supplies power to users in the form of AC (alternating current). But the energy of electric vehicle batteries is always DC (direct current) […]

Electric Car Sales in the Australian State of Tasmania Have Almost Doubled in a Year

HOSTON ENERGY 05, September, 2023 ——New EV registrations in Tasmania have almost doubled in the past 12 months ——Advocates are calling for more EV charger   New EV Registrations in Tasmania Has Almost Doubled But supporters say range anxiety remains a problem due to a lack of EV charging stations.   Figures from the Australian […]

Summer Road Trips Are Hampered by a Scarcity of Hotel Electric Car Chargers

HOSTON ENERGY 31, August, 2023 —— American tourists have trouble choosing accommodation in summer —— In the average hotel or hostel, electric car charging stations are few and far between —— Hoteliers are gradually realizing that charging stations are one of the key considerations for customers’ accommodation     American Tourists Have Trouble Choosing Accommodation […]

EU States Agree to Expand the EU Network of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

HOSTON ENERGY 30, August, 2023 —— EU member states passed a law on Tuesday (July 25) —— The new regulations require all EU countries to provide at least one charging station every 60 kilometers on major roads from 2025 —— About one additional charging station is added for every 33 electric vehicles sold     EU Marking […]

How to Find a Reliable EV Charger Manufacturer?

Automatic robots for EV Charger

When constructing a commercial EV charging station, the most important step is to acquire a reliable EV charger manufacturer. This involves finding a trustworthy manufacturing supplier, as purchasing from unreliable sources can make it challenging to carry out the necessary construction, operation, and maintenance of the charging station. Actually, there are there are lots of […]