22KW 3 phase EV charger

About AC EV Fast Charger

Hoston’s EVAC series are AC fast chargers (ACFC), commonly referred to as Level 2 EV chargers. Divided into commercial AC charger, private charger and home use AC charger.

AC EV fast chargers are an affordable charging option currently available for electric vehicles. AC fast chargers provide a more stable charging process, greater power, and faster AC charging. AC charging stations are ideal locations where electric vehicles can be charged to maximize their driving range during short periods (lunch break charging and overnight charging) of vehicle inactivity.

With 7kW, 11kW, 22kW power outputs and a variety of EV charging connector configurations (Type-1, Type-2 and AC-GB/T). Hoston has the right EV charging solutions to meet your charging needs.

Hoston’s AC EV fast commercial charger allows true charging data visualization and real-time charging data can be observed through the 5-inch screen. Equipped with a certified built-in MID meter for regulatory compliant monetized charging. Through the operation and maintenance platform, the dynamic balance of charging power can be achieved, thereby realizing the realization of electric vehicles Maximize charging efficiency and EV charging station operating benefits.

Hoston’s AC electric vehicle chargers are CE certified and comply with OCPP1.6 & 2.0 and IEC 61851 standards, multiple connectivity levels, and various user interaction options.

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