DA40 20-40kW DC Charger
Input Voltage AC400V to AC480V (±10%),  L1/L2/L3+N+PE, 50Hz/60Hz
Outlet Connector Options CCS-1, CCS-2, CHAdeMO, GB/T
Max Output Power 20kW / 40kW
Output Voltage & Current DC200-1000VDC, 0-125A
Dimension (H x W x D) Floor-mounted 1652mm × 680mm × 350mm
Wall-mounted 792mm × 680mm × 393mm
Movable 1077mm × 680mm × 454mm
User Interface 7” LCD Touch Screen
Working Environment Temperature -30°C – +55°C, humidity: 5% – 95% non-condensation, altitude <2000m
Protocol OCPP1.6J, upgradable to 2.0
40kw ev charger
DA40 DC charger
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Stable and Reliable

With years of independent R&D experience, we provide different equipment integration and expansion solutions to meet various customization needs. Hoston independently developed a patented charging control system to ensure the consistency of the software and hardware systems and provide more stable performance.

  • Better system stability & consistency
  • Meet various customization needs
  • Reduce operation & maintenance expenses


Tailored Solutions

We believe that all successful businesses are based on a win-win and sustainable basis. Therefore, we care about customers’ needs, perceptions, preferences, attitudes and satisfaction level. In order to meet diverse needs from different customers and projects, we provide customized, OEM and ODM services.

  • Customizing appearance design
  • Providing optimal power solution
  • Hardware and software upgraded to different standards
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About DC EV Fast Charger

Hoston’s EVDC series are Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFC), often called Level 3 EV chargers. DC fast chargers are currently the fastest charging option available for electric vehicles, they use commercial grade AC power which is converted within the charger into DC power to then distribute directly to the vehicle’s battery, and as the power is already converted to DC, it makes it possible to deliver more power, faster. DC fast-charging stations are the ideal choice for locations where EVs must gain the maximum range in the shortest possible time. With power outputs available from 60kW to 360kW and a variety of EV charging connector configurations available, Hoston has the right EV charging solutions to meet your charging needs.

Our DC fast chargers deliver true simultaneous EV charging and can charge two electric vehicles at the same time through intelligent power splitting. If one car uses the charging station, it will receive up to the full kW power; if a second vehicle starts to use the other charging cable, the power will be split between the two cars. The EV DC series of EV chargers have OCPP 1.6 and ISO 15118 compliance, multiple connectivity levels, and various user interaction options.

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