Why do the Prices of Electric Car Chargers Vary?

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When consumers buy electric vehicle chargers, they may be confused: Chargers that look similar in appearance and even have the same output power have different prices. In fact, it is normal for chargers to have price differences. It’s not that some manufacturers want higher profits, it’s because chargers cost less to make. Although their power […]

Charging EV Becomes More Expensive

HOSTON ENERGY 23, January, 2024 Several charging station operators have increased charging fees. EVIE, Australia’s second largest operator, has more than 200 charging stations across the country. Its charging prices have increased by 43%.     Charging Costs Rise Sharply AC charging costs increase more than DC charging costs.   AC slow charging increased from […]

EV Charging Station War in EU and US

HOSTON ENERGY 5, January, 2024 Restrictive policies on fuel vehicles in various countries make investment in EV charging station more attractive.   Many companies received investment and more charging station operators are expected to emerge.   Many electric vehicle charger manufacturers said: “Based on customer feedback and market status, it can be found that this […]

Electric Vehicle Charger Stations Surge in Australia

HOSTON ENERGY 27, December, 2023 From 2022 to 2023, the proportion of electric vehicle sales in Australia’s new car sales has increased from 2% to 8.3%.     Current status of electric vehicle charger stations Climate Change Secretary Chris Bowen has revealed he is delighted with the rise of electric cars, saying the number of […]

Starbucks Launches EV Charging Business

HOSTON ENERGY 18, December, 2023 Electric vehicle (EV) charging business is now available at Starbucks stores in five U.S. states   Starbucks has opened EV charging stations at 15 locations along the 1,300-mile stretch between Denver and Seattle. The 50 charging stations located at Starbucks stores in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington can charge […]

EV Charging Station Business Future is Here

HOSTON ENERGY 4, December, 2023 People can see broad prospects for the electric vehicle (EV) charging business. But obviously, markets in urban and developed regions are more compelling. However, few people have explored the market in rural areas, especially remote areas.   Since the current profitability of the rural EV charging station business is relatively […]

What is Level 3 Charging Station?

Level 3 charging station (L3 charging station) is electric vehicle direct current charging station (EV DC charging station), also known as fast charging station. It can provide charging power from 40kW to 320kW, and the charging speed is much faster than alternating current charging station (EV AC charging station).   Main points: ——The L3 charging […]

What benefit of installing EV charging station in Hotel?

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The rising trend of electric vehicles seems to be unstoppable. Apart from the environmental benefits, electric vehicles are much cheaper to use as compared to traditional gasoline vehicles. Despite the current lack of charging stations, they can be installed in multiple convenient locations. In fact, there are more options available for electric vehicle charging stations […]