How Much Does a Commercial EV Charging Station Cost?

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Investing in electric vehicle charging stations has become a profitable business as electric vehicles continue to capture a growing share of the market. However, before making any investment, it’s important to know the cost of a commercial plug-in car charging station. Conducting thorough research can help us make informed decisions. The price of a commercial […]

Charging Fees at Electric Vehicles Public Charging Stations in China Have Generally Risen

HOSTON ENERGY 2, August, 2023 – Charging fees at some EV charging stations have risen by more than 50% – TELD, Star Charge, E charger brand responded to that Since July 2023, many electric vehicle owners have reflected that the charging price of electric vehicles has generally risen, and even the charging cost of some […]

Free Charging Will Gone in HK Government Facilities

HOSTON ENERGY 26, July, 2023   —— The goal is to ensure the sustainable development of the EV business —— It aims to promote electric vehicles   The Hong Kong government said on April 17 that it would stop charging electric vehicles for free at government facilities from the second half of the year. Government […]