EV Charging Station War in EU and US


5, January, 2024

Restrictive policies on fuel vehicles in various countries make investment in EV charging station more attractive.


Many companies received investment and more charging station operators are expected to emerge.


Many electric vehicle charger manufacturers said: “Based on customer feedback and market status, it can be found that this is like a colonial war.”

Some operators also said: “Occupying a good position is equivalent to ensuring long-term profitability.”



Competition for EV Charging Station

McDonald from the EV adoption company said that the U.S. market will change as large convenience store chains, such as Walmart, invest heavily in charging stations.


“Over time, the larger companies will gobble up smaller sites and consolidate,” MacDonald said.


Fixed EV charging stations will not change, but operators will.



Investment Opportunities

Norway’s electric vehicle market has added 2,000 chargers, bringing the total to 7,200.


Zapgo plans to target underserved areas in south-west England, offering landlords a percentage of fee income to secure prime locations.


CEO Steve Leighton said the plan is to produce 4,000 chargers by 2030, which will be very popular in these regions.

Seizing the opportunity is victory.

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