Why Electric Cars are hard to Incentivize?


28, November, 2023

Canada has issued a ban on the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035.

It means that from 2026, 20% of cars sold must be electric.



Stagnant Electric Cars Market

In fact, the ban may be difficult to implement.

There are currently many signs that the electric car market under the ban is not expanding.

——Only 66,800 pure electric cars were sold in Canada in 2021.

——Electric vehicle sales have stalled in both Canada and the United States.

——Ford delays $12 billion in electric vehicle production buildout.

——Volkswagen has stopped production 2 types of electric cars.



Why it is Difficult to Promote

Why these directives won’t work – Although technology has advanced, charging needs to be more convenient.

——Charging needs to be more convenient.

Early EV drivers seemed less concerned about price and charging.


When buying an internal combustion engine car, you don’t have to worry about filling up the car being a difficulty. But for current electric cars, sales are difficult to grow significantly due to the lack of charging facilities.


——Charging ports need to be more compatible.

Additionally, charging station ports are not uniform.


Thankfully, many car companies are working toward unifying charger connector types, although so far it seems to be ineffective.

Various ports are difficult to be compatible with. Until this problem is solved, it will be difficult to fully promote electric cars.



What is the solution?

The government should fully fund a national charging station system so that the charging network covers all regions (not just developed areas).


In the short term, electric car manufacturers are unable to unify charging port standards.

So get inspiration from charging operators——multi-output port EV charging charger are a good way to solve this problem.


In short, the future of electric cars is an empty hope if lockdowns are used to drive them.

Only by building more charging stations with high compatibility can electric vehicles become the future.

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