Why do the Prices of Electric Car Chargers Vary?

fleet charging solutions

fleet charging solutions

When consumers buy electric vehicle chargers, they may be confused: Chargers that look similar in appearance and even have the same output power have different prices.

In fact, it is normal for chargers to have price differences. It’s not that some manufacturers want higher profits, it’s because chargers cost less to make. Although their power output and appearance are similar.


Why are more expensive chargers so expensive? What’s the benefit?


There are generally 4 reasons for expensive chargers:
1. Better quality components
2. Higher compatibility
3. Easier to use
4. Better pre-sales and after-sales services

Top Components

There are many parts inside the charger, which are the basis for the normal operation of the charger. The most important of these are the charging module, power control unit and charging control unit. The differences in these parts result in different costs, which makes the prices of different chargers also different.

Generally, chargers will use qualified parts to ensure that the charger can be used.

Expensive chargers use more advanced components, which brings better system stability to the charger. The charging process is more stable and the service life is longer.



——Hardware Compatibility

There are many types of electric vehicles on the market, and highly compatible chargers can charge most electric vehicles with various interfaces. They can also work together when parts are replaced.
Can charge various brands of cars and is suitable for various types of charging connectors


——Software Compatibility

For charging station operating points, software compatibility is very important. Your charger supports OCPP1.6J (upgrade to 2.0), allowing operators to have the choice of platform and change software programs at will.
Applicable to more operation and maintenance software on the market


User Experience

A good user experience is what manufacturers are pursuing – a charger that is easier to use.

Larger touch screen – allows data to be presented in front of you more intuitively

Charging cable management system – making moving cables more labor-saving

LED light strip – allows the charger to be discovered in dim environments



Pre-saling Support

Understand customer needs in detail and provide accurate solutions scientifically. Improve the factory testing of chargers and carefully inspect chargers before shipment.

After Sales Support

Warranty within a limited period and free replacement of defective parts. Lifetime technical support.

To find the reliable chargers now.

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