Electric Vehicle Charger Stations Surge in Australia


27, December, 2023

From 2022 to 2023, the proportion of electric vehicle sales in Australia’s new car sales has increased from 2% to 8.3%.



Current status of electric vehicle charger stations

Climate Change Secretary Chris Bowen has revealed he is delighted with the rise of electric cars, saying the number of fast DC electric vehicle charger stations has almost doubled.


According to the Department of Energy, between December 2022 and December 2, 2023, the number of electric vehicle charging stations increased from 460 to 800, an increase of more than 70%


Bowen noted there are 173,000 electric vehicles on Australian roads. “We reduced waiting times for a lot of drivers, but it only took 1 year.”



Future Goals

On this basis, the federal government will increase its efforts and is expected to double the number of charging stations again and specify new standards to further suppress carbon-emitting vehicles. The aim is to make electric vehicles more attractive.


The government will also continue to invest and implement incentives for electric cars and charger stations to achieve the government’s three key goals:

Add another 1,000 charging stations within 3 years

Make electric cars cheaper than gas cars

Make driving cleaner and cheaper


“Today, in many cases, electric vehicles are a more affordable option than gasoline vehicles,” Bowen said. “We effectively reduce driver expenses and the cost of building and operating charging stations.”


Electric vehicles will be prevalent in Australia for some time to come. The construction and market competition of electric vehicle charger stations will become increasingly fierce.


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