Charging EV Becomes More Expensive


23, January, 2024

Several charging station operators have increased charging fees.

EVIE, Australia’s second largest operator, has more than 200 charging stations across the country. Its charging prices have increased by 43%.



Charging Costs Rise Sharply

AC charging costs increase more than DC charging costs.


AC slow charging increased from 35 cents/kWh to 50 cents/kWh, an increase of approximately 43%.

DC fast charging rose from 50 cents/kWh to 58 cents/kWh, an increase of 16%.

DC super-fast charging increased from 65 cents/kWh to 73 cents/kWh, an increase of 12%.


According to this charging standard, a 60kWh car will cost about US$5-9 more to fully charge than before.

This is the second price increase for EVIE. They previously claimed that the price increase was to build a more reliable charging network.



Not Enough Chargers Available

Paul Maric, founder of the car website CarExpert, said: This has nothing to do with electricity prices. The government provides funds to companies to encourage them to build charging stations, but the money is not used for the maintenance of chargers.

Operators can only raise prices to get money to repair their broken chargers.


Public charging stations are not enough to meet the changing needs of drivers. It’s very common that you can’t find chargers that can charge your electric car because they’re broken.


Unless you have the conditions to charge at home, it is stable but relatively slow. Paul Maric said.



Great Blow

Rising charging costs are hitting drivers who want to own electric cars, EV manufacturers and charging station operators.

46 stations in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland are preparing to cease operations.

ChargePoint in the United States has closed more than 50 charging stations.

Electric vehicle company Tritium has closed its local factory in Australia.



When the number of charging stations is insufficient, the price of public charging is getting higher and higher.

For drivers, purchasing a home charger to charge at home is a more economical option.

At the same time, building charging stations is also a good opportunity for investment.

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