What is a 20KW DC fast charger used for?

40kw dc charger

20KW DC fast charger which is used for electric vehicle charging. Compared with other high-power DC chargers (above 50KW), the 20KW DC fast charger is not so fast but has its own features.


When it comes to structure, both Big and Small DC fast chargers share the same design. The only difference lies in the power and quantity of their DC charging modules. The DC charger modules come in different power levels, such as 20KW, 30KW, and 40KW. For instance, a 60KW DC fast charger employs 2 pieces of 30KW DC charging modules or 3 Pieces of 20KW DC charging modules, while a 20KW fast charger uses only one piece of 20KW DC charging module.


The 20KW DC fast charger has two advantages that are worth noting.

20kw dc fast charger

1, Save space.

When designing DC charging modules or combined charging stations, it is crucial to consider heat dissipation issues. Consequently, these charging stations often require a large size and occupy significant space. However, a 20KW fast charger can be much smaller and more easily installed on a pedestal or a wall.


2, Lower power supply requirements.

Compared to high-power DC chargers, 20KW DC fast chargers have lower power requirements, which makes them suitable for places with insufficient power capacity. Additionally, the 20KW DC charger is a good fit for parking lots, convenience stores, schools, hospitals, and other locations where cars are parked for extended periods. Typically, a 20KW DC charger can provide a 20KWh charge in 1 hour, which is equivalent to 30-50% of an electric car’s power capacity.


Compared to the 3-phase 22KW charger, the 20KW DC fast charger has wider compatibility since not all electric vehicles support AC 22KW charging. Most only support a maximum of 7KW AC charging.

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