What benefit of installing EV charging station in Hotel?

hotel ev charger

The rising trend of electric vehicles seems to be unstoppable. Apart from the environmental benefits, electric vehicles are much cheaper to use as compared to traditional gasoline vehicles. Despite the current lack of charging stations, they can be installed in multiple convenient locations. In fact, there are more options available for electric vehicle charging stations compared to traditional gas stations.


Today we will discuss the benefits of installing charging stations in hotels, as well as safety precautions to consider.


1, Installing electric vehicle charging stations in hotels can attract more customers. Hotels with charging stations are preferred by customers who drive electric vehicles.


2, Hotels have the potential to generate revenue by offering charging stations for electric vehicles. By providing this amenity, hotels can attract more customers and also generate revenue from the difference in electricity prices. In addition, when there are vacant charging spots, they can be used to charge other electric vehicles, further maximizing the hotel’s income.


3, Installing charging stations can enhance a hotel’s image. Participating in green environmental protection is not only a trend but can also improve a company’s image.

hotel ev charger

In addition, hotels generally have parking lots, and there are sufficient power sources nearby, which makes the cost of installing charging stations much lower than elsewhere.


Installing charging stations in hotels can offer numerous benefits, but it’s important to prioritize safety precautions.

The first step towards ensuring safety is to choose reliable charging equipment. Opting for low-quality charging equipment just to save costs can lead to increased maintenance expenses and, more importantly, a negative user experience.


When it comes to electric vehicle charging, the next step is to select an appropriate charger. For hotels, it is recommended to choose 7-22KW AC chargers, as customers usually spend a long time there, and this type of charger is sufficient. On the other hand, electric vehicle owners who are not staying in hotels require fast charging. In such cases, a 60KW-200KW DC fast charger is generally used.


Installing the charging station is the final step. A qualified electrician is required to handle the installation process. It’s important to guide first-time users on how to safely and correctly use the charging station. This information should be displayed in a prominent location. Additionally, for information on government subsidies, it is recommended to research local policies.




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