What is Level 3 Charging Station?

Level 3 charging station (L3 charging station) is electric vehicle direct current charging station (EV DC charging station), also known as fast charging station.

It can provide charging power from 40kW to 320kW, and the charging speed is much faster than alternating current charging station (EV AC charging station).


Main points:

——The L3 charging station can fully charge the battery in 10-30 minutes on average.

——Their prices range from USD40, 000 — USD160, 000.

——Installation requires stable power supply, large space and other conditions

——Only charging the electric vehicle battery capacity to 80% is beneficial to both battery life and charging speed.



Charging Speed of Level 3 Charging Station

Regardless of the type of charging station, charging speed is affected by many factors.

Under normal circumstances, the time required to fully charge different battery capacities using L3 charging stations is as follows:

To put it simply, general car models can be fully charged within 5-45 minutes using a charging station with a capacity of 100kW or above. Of course, a better option is to charge the battery capacity to 80%, which will be faster. This is a win-win situation for your charging experience and battery life.



Practicality and Feasibility

Fast charging is what every electric car driver wants.

Unfortunately, due to various conditions and efficiency considerations, Level 3 charging stations cannot be installed anywhere. The installation of Level 3 charging stations is generally considered based on practicality and feasibility.


Generally speaking, L3 charging stations will be installed in places where the power supply is more sufficient and stable, and drivers need to charge quickly – gas stations, large charging stations, highway service areas, etc.

In addition, some fleets that require frequent charging will also use L3 charging stations to build fleet-specific charging stations – taxis, industrial and commercial freight vehicles.


Although there is a demand for fast charging in some places, the sites are too small and there are few users to install L3 charging stations. Because they are generally large and expensive.



Level 3 Charging Station Price

Level 3 charging stations are relatively expensive. The cost of purchase will be higher, and drivers will also need to pay more to charge.


Usually, the prices of level 3 charging stations with different configurations will be different, generally between USD40, 000 — USD160, 000.

Although the L3 charging station is more expensive, its charging speed is currently the fastest.


You know, at some high-power charging stations, it only takes 3 minutes to charge the battery from 20% to 80% (Soc), which is almost the same time as going to a gas station to refuel and buy a bottle of water.

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