EV Charging Station Business Future is Here


4, December, 2023

People can see broad prospects for the electric vehicle (EV) charging business. But obviously, markets in urban and developed regions are more compelling. However, few people have explored the market in rural areas, especially remote areas.


Since the current profitability of the rural EV charging station business is relatively poor, almost no one is willing to invest.


In fact, the rural charging station business is also worth investing in.



——Lower costs

——Improve brand influence

——Future of rural market

——What charger is suitable for rural areas?



Low-cost EV Charging Station Business

Many countries attach great importance to rural development.


The California Energy Commission (CEC) today announced $17.5 million to expand public electric vehicle charging in 13 rural counties. Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) in Virginia is implementing a rural electric vehicle charging station program where drivers can receive a $7 per hour discount for charging their electric vehicles during off-peak charging hours.


In addition, several states offer a variety of subsidies and rebates for rural electric vehicle charging stations.


It can be seen that in order to expand the popularity of electric vehicles, the government is willing to provide policy support.

Relying on these incentives, you can significantly reduce the cost of building EV charging stations.



Enhance Brand Influence

Electric vehicle charging station business will eventually cover the entire area.


Why not earlier?

By starting a rural charging station business early, you can get a head start. You know, when drivers choose charging stations, if possible, everyone would prefer to choose a brand they know.


Your charging station won’t move, but the drivers will. Imprint your brand in the minds of rural customers – invest in rural charging station business.

Imagine that when drivers charge in rural or urban areas, in addition to convenience, is the popularity of the charging station also important?



Seize the Future

In the long run, the rural charging station business is bound to be profitable.

Although profits are still rising, the return on investment will be greater and more stable as more electric vehicles become available.


By then, more and more investors are willing to invest in charging stations, but the government may no longer provide support.


At that time, investors want to enter the rural market, they must first conduct market research in your charging station.



How to Start a EV Charging Station Business

As mentioned above, profitability is not the priority in investing in rural charging station business today.


Of course, it will cost more to build a DC charging station in one step.

But AC charging stations are a wise choice to your rural charging business now.


It’s cheaper, takes up a smaller footprint and costs less to build.


Although its charging speed is relatively slow, but rural residents do not seem to need too fast charging speed.


In the future, the commercial AC charging station can be upgraded to a DC charging station.


Contact us to make rural charging station business become a key step in your investment.

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