Potential Business Opportunities from Charging Station

If you are an operator of real economy industry (supermarket, office building, commercial plaza, coffee shop, hospital, physiotherapy, office, etc.). This article will start from your point of view.

This is likely to be an opportunity to expand the business.


Build an EV charging station.




Most people’s first reaction is: It’s too expensive.

Expensive is truth, worthy is also.


The EV charging station business will also bring other economic effects, which are about 4 aspects:

1. Service integration facilitates each other

2. Increase consumers’ willingness to stay

3. Cross-sell to expand operations

4. Enhance corporate image



Businesses Promotes Each Other

Drivers are willing to use the car charging time for drinking or eating something.

If the EV driver comes to your charging station to charge, he will have at least 30 minutes in or around the station. The longer it is, the more likely the customer is to spend at the charging station. Then it is very likely that the eateries and charging stations in or near the charging stations can be visited by drivers.



Make Customers Want to Stay in Your Store

People are more willing to choose where they can park and charge their car.

For most drivers, a prerequisite for consumption is the placement of the car, so under the influence of today’s electrification trend, if you can have a place where customers can park and charge while enjoying yourself, he must be more inclined to choose you.



Expand Your Business

What can you show on the EV charger? —— Advertisement

Your brand name and products will slowly be remembered.

Even with just affixing a piece of paper, you may receive inquiries for various business partnerships.



Corporate Reputation

Governments and the public prefer companies that support sustainable development.

When you build a charging station in your business district, you join the environmental cause. Your business will be the first enterprise that the government will consider for policy support.


So now, build an electric vehicle charging station to take your business to the next level.

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