What Will Affect the Charging Speed of Electric Vehicles?

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Many people know that the charging speed is related to the type of charging station.

In fact, the charging speed depends not only on the type of EV charging station, also on the type of vehicle battery and so on.


There are several factors:

1. Charging type

2. Charging station Power

3. Battery Power

4. Battery voltage

5. Battery capacity

6. Temperature


Charging Station Type

Although DC charging is generally faster than AC charging, the charging speed of EV DC charging stations with different powers also varies.

The greater the power, the greater the output, and the more electricity is charged in a given time.


Battery Power

However, although the power of the EV charging station is large, it is also limited by the power of the electric vehicle battery.

The output of the charging station may be high, but the electric vehicle battery may not be able to withstand.


At this time the battery will let the EV charging station change the output power to an acceptable range.


Therefore, there is no need to worry about the charging station power is too large and cause damage to the electric vehicle.

The electric vehicle determines the final amount of charge.


Battery Voltage

The battery voltage of the mainstream models in the world is generally between 350V-700V. The voltage of alternating current supplied by the universal grid is between 220V and 500V.

So it is possible that the battery will not be charged at the highest efficiency.



Battery Capacity

Charging speed

The larger the capacity of the battery, the longer it takes to be fully charged, which is also a factor affecting the charging speed.


Generally, in the charging process of large-capacity batteries, the former part of the charging process is generally carried out with high efficiency, and when it is about to be full, the efficiency will be appropriately reduced, and the charging efficiency of the rear process is relatively slow.


So the time required for the rear process to be fully charged will be relatively long.




The temperature mainly affects the operation of the EV charging station.


The EV charging station will have a suitable operating temperature range, too high or too low temperature will affect the output of the charging station.


Usually, when the temperature is too high, the EV charging station will reduce the output power to maintain the appropriate operating temperature.

When the operating temperature is too low, it will be difficult to start, and it will need to gradually raise its temperature to maintain operation.


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