How to Build a Best EV Charging Station for Fleet?

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Actually, there is no best EV charging station for fleet in the world.

Only a relatively suitable fleet charging station.

The focus is to measure the actual situation and use demand.


In short, a suitable EV charging station mainly lies in 2 aspects —— What you can install and what do you want from that.


About that, there are 7 factors for this 2parts.

1. Business development direction

2. Stable grid supply and available site

3. Policy support

4. Charging time requirement

5. Charging speed requirement

6. Charging connector type requirements

7. Operational continuity


Avoid Overthinking the Price

There are many kinds of electric vehicle charging station.

For most consumers, they overly consider the price when choosing a product.

In fact, if you want to choose the right EV charger, you must pay a certain cost of construction.


Sometimes the construction costs will be very high, but this kind of pay will definitely pay you in the future.

Analyzing the trend of electric vehicles, you will find that it is worth investing in EV charging stations.


Blindly choosing cheap products to reduce construction costs, choosing the wrong products will even bring greater losses.



Consider the Development Direction of Your Business

It depends on your business needs.

Whether you want to build charging stations to charge your own fixed fleet or generate revenue from charging other mobile fleets.


At the same time, it also means that you have to deal with different government documents according to your different commercial needs.



Stable Power Supply and Wide Space

Consider whether there is a stable electric power supply and an appropriate distribution voltage.


Distribution voltage will limit the installation of EV charging stations.

The EV charging station space will limit the size of the EV charging station and the number of cars that can be served.


It’s essential that consider future development plans, once a fixed distribution voltage and site size for construction are selected, it will be difficult to change it in the future.



Whether there is Government Support

Due to the environmental characteristics of electric vehicles, many countries in the world will support the charging car business.

Some are policy support, some are financial subsidies.


Getting the latest news on policy ahead of time may save you a lot of money and accelerate the construction of EV charging station.



Charging Time Requirement

Estimate when the charging time of the fleet will be concentrated and estimate the number of charging cars.


Electricity rates in many countries are based on time of day. Usually, it’s more expensive during the day and cheaper at night.


AC charging station is different from DC charging station.

Generally, AC charging stations are cheaper to install than DC charging stations.

The right choice can greatly reduce the cost.

If your fleet is similar to bus fleet, with large charging capacity, daytime operation, and long charging time at night, you can choose EV AC charging stations. This can reduce the charging efficiency in exchange for a discount on the price, which is very suitable for buses.


Perhaps you can use AC charging stations to charge overnight; Dc charging station during the day fast recharge scheme or a combination of the two schemes.



Charging Speed Requirement

EV DC charging station is more expensive, also faster than EV AC charging station. If your fleet has a need for fast charging and variable time charging, DC is a best option.


For example, your fleet is operating at irregular hours and may leave or return at any time, or maybe your charging station is open to outside vehicles for profit. EV DC charging station can meet the need for fast charging in a short period of time, in order to improve the endurance of electric vehicles. In these circumstances, DC charging station is a wise choice.


In addition to the type of charging station, charging speed can be affected by a number of factors.



Connector Type of the Charging Station

There are several different connector standards for different EV charging stations.

You must make a right choice for connector type.


Charging station interface types are not uniform globally. The difference in interface types is due to different regions, different charging station types, and different electric vehicle brands.


Business Continuity

Last but not least, you must consider whether your charging station has long-term operational needs, consider the possibility of equipment repair and maintenance, and the subsequent cost or loss.


Therefore, when choosing a charging station, take after-sales support into consideration.



Build Your Future

It is necessary to choose the right charging station.

The suitable one is the best one.

Electric vehicle is the future, hope this article will help you build your future.

If you want to build an EV charging station for your fleet, you can learn more about our specific solutions.


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