What Is EV Charging Station After-sales Service?

When you choose an EV charging station or have already purchased an EV charging station, after-sales service is a very important point that should be taken into consideration.

Usually after-sales service includes 3 parts:

1. Installation guidance

2. Operation guidance

3. Fault maintenance.


Installation Guidance

Installation guidance is generally detailed in the installation manual of the attachment.

In order to allow customers to learn to install more easily, it is generally a combination of graphic manual.


Operation Guidance

The operation guidance is mainly for customers to learn how to charge electric vehicles.

For household EV charger, the charging method is very simple.

For commercial EV charging station, you can get the guidance of the dealer if you choose the operation mode and operation and maintenance software provided by them.


Fault Maintenance

In fact, the case of EV charging station failure (unable to charge properly) is not common.

If you encounter, do not worry.

For professional EV charging station manufacturers, product fault repair technology is very mature.

When the EV charging station has problems, there are the 3 ways to deal with it.


When the EV charging station fails, there will be a fault code in the screen.

As long as the corresponding fault code is found, the manufacturer can know the specific problem and troubleshooting method of the fault.

Components Replacement

When the EV charging station is still unable to be used normally after the fault investigation, the manufacturer will consider that the components of the charger are in need of replacement.

There is no need to worry about the cost.

As long as the non-artificial intentional damage is caused, the maintenance costs caused by the quality problems of the product are borne by the manufacturer.

Refunds and Exchanges

When the EV charging station is irreparably seriously damaged, can no longer be repaired, cannot be used normally, you can ask for a replacement or return (this situation will almost never occur), but in order to better protect the rights and interests of customers, let customers rest assured to buy, the manufacturer will provide this service generally.


Charging station after-sales is a very important part of charging station products, when you want to buy a charging station, you should focus on choosing a professional manufacturer with perfect after-sales service.


Hoston has a professional after-sales technical team to provide customers with all after-sales support services.

After-sales service is a long service, when you choose HST EV charging station, you do not simply buy the product, but we join your charging journey.

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