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What benefit of installing EV charging station in Hotel?

hotel ev charger

The rising trend of electric vehicles seems to be unstoppable. Apart from the environmental benefits, electric vehicles are much cheaper to use as compared to traditional gasoline vehicles. Despite the current lack of charging stations, they can be installed in multiple convenient locations. In fact, there are more options available for electric vehicle charging stations […]

What are the scenarios where a 22KW 3-phase EV charger can be used?

22KW 3 phase EV charger

22kw 3 phase EV charger which is used for Commercial AC Fast Charger. Today we will talk about which places are suitable for use 22KW 3 phase EV Charger.   Today’s commercial EV chargers require more power and speed. However, not all locations can accommodate DC fast chargers, making fast AC chargers a useful alternative. […]

What are the procedures for investing in and building charging stations?

In general, investing in and building a charging station requires a six-step process: preparation → filing → land review → planning review → power application → acceptance confirmation.   Before committing to construction, it is necessary to inspect the selected sites, such as open spaces, parking lots, etc., and sign a charging station construction cooperation […]

What kind of electric vehicle charger is suitable for parking lot installation?

Installing electric vehicle fast chargers requires meeting certain conditions. Firstly, a suitable site is necessary, and secondly, there must be sufficient power supply in the vicinity. Otherwise, expanding the power supply would be a huge investment. Therefore, the parking lot is considered the most appropriate location for installing an electric car charger.   Electric vehicle […]

What kind of electric vehicle charger is suitable for apartment installation?

apartment ev charging station

With the increase of electric vehicles, the number of electric vehicle charging stations is far from keeping up with the growth of electric vehicles, and charging has become a long-standing problem.   Installing a private electric vehicle charger requires a personal parking space, and there needs to be a sufficient power supply near the parking […]

Why China’s EV Charging Station is Cheaper than other countries?

People like high-quality and low-price products, but there is a certain contradiction between low price and high quality. With the rise of electric vehicles, there are more and more EV charging stations. In the electric vehicle charging station industry where the profit model is not yet clear, cost control is placed in front of those […]

Hoston EV Fleet Charging Solutions

fleet charging solutions

In fact, different fleets and fleet sizes have different charging requirements. Each fleet has a different electricity capacity, charging frequency, and time. For example, bus fleets have relatively large battery capacities, which are more suitable for high-power DC chargers, and buses generally run during the day and rest late at night. Therefore, you can use […]

Commercial EV charging station for your business

DC charging station

By 2030, global sales of electric vehicles will exceed 70 million, and ownership will reach 380 million. The global annual new car penetration rate is expected to reach 60%. This data comes from the “Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2023” released by the International Energy Agency (hereinafter referred to as IEA).   There is an obvious […]

What benefits and harms of installing a workplace ev charger?

Workplace ev charger

The popularity of electric vehicles is on the rise, particularly among young people, who are increasingly accepting of this alternative mode of transportation. However, due to the limited availability of charging stations, queues for charging are very common. This is why the installation of EV chargers in the workplace is becoming more valuable for young […]