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fleet charging solutions

In fact, different fleets and fleet sizes have different charging requirements. Each fleet has a different electricity capacity, charging frequency, and time.

For example, bus fleets have relatively large battery capacities, which are more suitable for high-power DC chargers, and buses generally run during the day and rest late at night. Therefore, you can use this period of time at night to fully charge the bus. During the day, when the bus is running, there is a break, and you can quickly replenish the battery during this period.

If it is a small logistics fleet and the charging stations installed are only for internal use, there is no need to find a one-stop solution company. The company purchases suitable charging equipment and then has people with qualified electrician certificates install it. This can save a lot of costs. Of course, the company also needs internal training on how to use charging equipment safely. This is still necessary.

EV Taxi fleet

Similarly, if you own a small taxi fleet or a car rental company, you only need to purchase charging equipment that matches the size of your fleet and then install it. If you want to quickly recharge your taxi, it is suitable to install a DC fast charger.

If your fleet is considering transitioning to primarily electric vehicles or trucks, Hoston Energy’s EV Charger station is your best choice. Hoston’s Innovative EV Charging Solutions For Fleets.

fleet charging solutions

We provide flexible charging solutions for various vehicle fleets. Including logistics fleets, Taxi fleets, Public buses, Heavy-duty truck fleets, car rental fleets, refrigerator truck fleets, etc.

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