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By 2030, global sales of electric vehicles will exceed 70 million, and ownership will reach 380 million. The global annual new car penetration rate is expected to reach 60%. This data comes from the “Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2023” released by the International Energy Agency (hereinafter referred to as IEA).


There is an obvious phenomenon in taxi-hailing in China. Basically, taxis or Didi (China’s largest taxi-hailing platform, equivalent to Uber) running on the road are electric vehicles. Your profit is meager if you switch to using a gasoline vehicle to run a taxi. It can be seen that the replacement of gasoline vehicles by electric vehicles has already happened, and it has already happened in the taxi market.

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Although we are ushering in the era of electric vehicles, no matter how your business uses commercial EV charging stations in the future, there are many factors to consider before investing. Since electric vehicle charging stations come in so many different shapes and sizes, it’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed. Where should you start?


What is the best commercial EV charging station for your business?

First, let me understand which charging stations can be used in commercial charging stations. Generally speaking, the charging equipment used in commercial charging stations can be divided into AC EV chargers and DC Charging stations. Among them, DC charging stations can be divided into small DC charging stations and  DC Fast charging stations.


The common commercial AC EV Charger is generally 3 phase 22KW. This charging equipment is suitable for use in workplaces, apartments, parking lots, hotels, underground garages, schools, hospitals, or government agencies. Because we park for a relatively long time in these places, such as workplaces, where we usually stay for 8-10 hours, you don’t have many requirements for charging speed. It takes about 2-4 hours to fully charge an electric car.

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Small DC charging stations generally refer to charging stations around 20-40KW. If it is 20KW, the charging time is similar to that of AC 3 phase 22KW. However, one thing is different. Many old electric vehicles do not support AC 22KW charging, so the small DC charging station comes in handy at this time. Small DC charging stations are used in retail, workplaces, hotels, apartments, fleets, and other places where the stay time is about one hour. It can also be used in places where the grid capacity is not sufficient.


Large DC charging stations generally refer to charging stations between 50-360KW. This kind of equipment only takes 10-30 minutes from 0-80% current. It is very suitable for fast charging places, such as various fleets, highway charging stations, CPOs, etc.

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Of course, considering more complex usage scenarios, you can also combine different types of charging stations to lay out your commercial EV charging stations. Hoston Energy has AC fast charger, Small DC charging station, and DC fast charging station equipment to meet your needs. High Quality with CE Certification, Check Our Products, and Custom is available.

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