Unsaturated EV Charging Market


16, November, 2023

Siemens estimated the distribution density of EV chargers (calculated as the number of charging piles divided by the number of EVS) in several countries and regions.


Current EV Charging

Research shows that almost all countries have a low density of charging stations.

Only China seems to be investing significantly.

The implementation rate of European countries are less than half of China’s.



The Future of EV Charging

According to SFS research estimates, there is a “gap” of 104 billion euros in the development of global EV charging facilities during 2023-2025.


The focus now is on the need to build more charging stations to meet the growing demand for electric car charging. The report noted that people have expressed strong interest in operating charging stations due to the gap in the number of charging stations and EVS.



Right Now

Toby Horne, partner at Siemens, said: “The popularity of EVS is obvious to all, and there is an urgent need to build more charging stations. “

“It is still unable to meet the charging demand for EVS,” he said.


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