Why China’s EV Charging Station is Cheaper than other countries?

People like high-quality and low-price products, but there is a certain contradiction between low price and high quality. With the rise of electric vehicles, there are more and more EV charging stations. In the electric vehicle charging station industry where the profit model is not yet clear, cost control is placed in front of those who invest in EV charging stations without affecting the normal operation of electric vehicle charging stations.

When people seek affordable yet high-quality solutions, they often turn to China. In this article, we will discuss why electric vehicle charging stations are cheaper in China compared to other countries.


First, in terms of scale, China is the largest market for electric vehicle charging stations in the world. From the perspective of economies of scale, the larger the scale, the lower the cost of manufacturing the same product. How big of China’s EV Charger stations? During the first three quarters of 2023, the number of domestic charging points increased by 2.432 million units. Out of this increase, 664,000 units were public charging stations, and 1.768 million units were private charging points built with vehicles. This marks a 27.9% year-on-year increase.

Secondly, thanks to the fact that the cost of skilled technical personnel in China is much lower than that in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and other regions. Other less-developed regions do not have relevant industrial chains for electric vehicle charging stations.

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Third, the accessories of Chinese car charging stations are much lower than those in other countries. A charging station generally consists of a DC charging pile with five main modules from outside to inside: DC pile shell, DC charging gun, DC main control, DC charging module, and other supporting components. The most expensive part is the DC charging module. Currently, most DC charging modules are produced in China. The second is the charging control part, which is mainly realized by PCBA, and 80% of the world’s PCBA production capacity is in China.

To sum up, the above three points are the reasons why car charging stations in China are cheaper than in other countries.

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