What kind of electric vehicle charger is suitable for apartment installation?

apartment ev charging station

With the increase of electric vehicles, the number of electric vehicle charging stations is far from keeping up with the growth of electric vehicles, and charging has become a long-standing problem.


Installing a private electric vehicle charger requires a personal parking space, and there needs to be a sufficient power supply near the parking space, so many electric vehicle users do not have the conditions to install an EV charger. The number of public charging stations is too small, making it difficult to find a suitable one. Finding a suitable charging station may often require queuing for a long time to charge.


It would be beneficial for both electric car owners and Apartment or residential areas to have an adequate number of charging stations nearby. This convenience would not only benefit tenants and apartment owners but also increase the rental rate of apartments and the occupancy rate of residential areas.

apartment ev charging station

So what kind of electric car charger is suitable for an apartment or residential complex?


When we ask this question, the first thing to consider is whether there is an adequate supply of electricity nearby. Generally speaking, the power load of most apartments or residential areas is mainly for daily household use, and there is not enough power load reserved for the charging of electric vehicles.


The expansion of power capacity is a big expense, so the owners of our apartments and residential areas try to choose appropriate charging equipment without the need for power expansion.


Low-power charging stations are more suitable for use in apartments or residential areas. We recommend three-phase 22KW AC charging station and 20-40KW small DC charging station equipment for apartments or residential areas. Three-phase 22KW AC charging station, compatible with 7KW and 11KW car charging. The AC charging currently supported by many electric vehicles is mainly 7KW, 11KW, and 22KW.


The reason why we recommend small DC charging stations is that if nearby car owners want to charge quickly and their electric vehicles have a maximum charging power of 7KW AC, small DC charging stations can come in handy. With an output power of up to 40KW, an electric vehicle can be charged to 80% of its capacity in one hour. Moreover, the small DC charger can be installed with two gun heads, which can charge two cars at the same time.

If you are an apartment owner, you can consider our three-phase 22KW AC charger and our 20-40KW small DC charging station. For more information, Talk to our Expert.

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