What kind of electric vehicle charger is suitable for parking lot installation?

Installing electric vehicle fast chargers requires meeting certain conditions. Firstly, a suitable site is necessary, and secondly, there must be sufficient power supply in the vicinity. Otherwise, expanding the power supply would be a huge investment. Therefore, the parking lot is considered the most appropriate location for installing an electric car charger.


Electric vehicle charging stations can be installed in parking lots at a lower cost compared to other venues. This is due to several reasons.

Firstly, parking lots are already established venues, so there is no need to pay rent for a new location.

Secondly, due to the long parking durations, low-power electric vehicle chargers can be used, which reduces the cost of power expansion.

Lastly, since there are already customers using the parking lot, there is no need to invest in additional customer acquisition costs.

ev charging parking

So what are the benefits of installing electric vehicles in parking lots?

  1. Retain and attract more customers. Nowadays, there are more and more electric vehicle users. If the parking lot has a charger, it will undoubtedly be a limited parking place for electric vehicle users.
  2. You can benefit from the car charging business. You can charge appropriate spreads and service fees. You can also expand other customers who come to the parking lot to charge.
  3. Expand the type of your business. You can rent parking spaces and charging points to regular customers.

parking with ev charging

What kind of charger is suitable for parking lots?

If you are some regular customers, you can install AC electric vehicle charging stations. Then it will be used with a small number of DC fast charging stations for customers who come to charge specifically.


We recommend three-phase AC 22KW chargers, small DC 20-40KW charging stations, and a small number of large DC 120KW charging stations. You can check Hoston EV Chargers.

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