What are the procedures for investing in and building charging stations?

In general, investing in and building a charging station requires a six-step process: preparation → filing → land review → planning review → power application → acceptance confirmation.


Before committing to construction, it is necessary to inspect the selected sites, such as open spaces, parking lots, etc., and sign a charging station construction cooperation agreement with the site owner. Determine the construction scale and number of charging piles based on conditions such as site and traffic flow. At the same time, a project budget must also be developed.

After the preliminary preparations are completed, you can register on the local government supervision platform and submit the information to the competent government department. After passing the approval of various departments, you can obtain the registration certificate. After obtaining the registration certificate, you can go to the local Land and Resources Bureau to conduct a land legality review to clarify the nature of the land and ownership of the property rights. After clarifying the legality of the target land, go to the Planning Bureau for a land use review to confirm that the government has no other plans for the site in the next few years.

building charging stations

After everything is ready, investors can apply to the Electricity Bureau with the information obtained through the processes mentioned above. The Electric Power Bureau will review and approve the above materials. Once the review and approval are completed, relevant documents can be issued and construction can begin.


After the construction of the charging station is completed, the power company will conduct an acceptance inspection, including signs, signboards, fire-fighting equipment, etc. After acceptance, the charging pile will be powered on, and then a third-party testing agency will inspect the charging pile and issue a corresponding test report. After completion, it can be put into operation.


Of course, you need to follow local policies and procedures. The above case is just the charging station investment and construction process for electric vehicle charging stations in China.

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