What are the scenarios where a 22KW 3-phase EV charger can be used?

22KW 3 phase EV charger

22kw 3 phase EV charger which is used for Commercial AC Fast Charger. Today we will talk about which places are suitable for use 22KW 3 phase EV Charger.


Today’s commercial EV chargers require more power and speed. However, not all locations can accommodate DC fast chargers, making fast AC chargers a useful alternative.


In a parking lot, it is common to calculate the duration of a car’s stay in hours, which means that there is no need for particularly high charging efficiency. For convenience stores that lack the space and power to install DC fast chargers, 22KW AC fast chargers are a suitable alternative.


The cost of the 22KW AC charger is lower than that of the DC charger because it doesn’t require a charging module. However, not all electric vehicles are compatible with a 22KW AC charger. For most electric vehicles, the maximum supported charging speed is 7KW, which means that using a 22KW AC charger would result in reduced charging speed.

3 phase ev charger

If multiple charging points can be installed, it is recommended to use them with a small DC ev charger, which can meet the fast charging requirements of some electric vehicles that do not support 22KW AC power. Like a 20-40KW DC charger.

22KW 3 phase EV charger

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