Queensland Government Commits to install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Every 150km

HOSTON ENERGY 26, October, 2023 According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the Queensland government has committed to setting up an electric vehicle charging station every 150km across the state. the $42 million project will see an additional 2,500 electric vehicle charging stations installed over 3 years.   The government will also set up charging […]

EV Charging Business Develops Amid Changes in Gas Station Models

HOSTON ENERGY 17, October, 2023 ——Some gas stations are adding charging stations to adapt to the electric vehicle (EV) trend ——Many gas station owners predict the trend and future of EV charging ——Many national utilities encourage businesses to buy and install fast EV chargers ——Charging stations can be integrated with traditional industries   According to […]

What is OCPP?

OCPP is the Open Charging Port Protocol, an open source communications standard for electric vehicle(EV) charging stations and software. When both EV chargers and software comply with open charging port protocol requirements, they can communicate and collaborate with each other, even if they are from different companies.   To understand this protocol, you must first […]

California Plans $38M for EV Charging Station Rebates in Low-Income Areas

HOSTON ENERGY 11, October, 2023 ——Rebates of up to $100,000 for charging station equipment. ——The state aims to have 250,000 public chargers by 2025.     Charging Station Must Be Accessible to the Public If you are considering building an EV charging station in a low-income area of San Diego County, California. The good news […]

Indonesia Needs 20,000 Charging Stations to Achieve Target of 400,000 Electric Cars

HOSTON ENERGY 07, October, 2023 ——Indonesia needs to build charging stations to promote electric vehicles ——The government encourages relevant enterprises to participate in construction     Building Charging Stations is the Foundation The Indonesian government aims to purchase 400,000 electric vehicles by 2025. To achieve this, the country needs to build at least 20,000 charging […]

Taiwan Government Spends $30 M to Build Public EV Charging Stations

HOSTON ENERGY 27, September, 2023 ——The government invested US$30 million in the construction of Taiwan EV charging stations ——Many operators have begun to improve electric vehicle charging station facilities   Government Investment In light of the continuous rise in the number of EVs in Taiwan, the Executive Yuan has granted approval to the Ministry of […]

Potential Business Opportunities from Charging Station

If you are an operator of real economy industry (supermarket, office building, commercial plaza, coffee shop, hospital, physiotherapy, office, etc.). This article will start from your point of view. This is likely to be an opportunity to expand the business.   Build an EV charging station.     Why? Most people’s first reaction is: It’s […]

US Invests $100M to Repair and Replace EV Chargers

HOSTON ENERGY 13, September, 2023 —— About 4% of US EV chargers are currently unavailable —— Funds will be used to maintain and build charging stations     4% Unavailable US EV Chargers The Biden-Harris Administration has announced that applications are now open for the EV Chargers Reliability and Accessibility Accelerator and It will provide […]