Indonesia Needs 20,000 Charging Stations to Achieve Target of 400,000 Electric Cars


07, October, 2023

——Indonesia needs to build charging stations to promote electric vehicles

——The government encourages relevant enterprises to participate in construction



Building Charging Stations is the Foundation

The Indonesian government aims to purchase 400,000 electric vehicles by 2025. To achieve this, the country needs to build at least 20,000 charging stations, said Diaz Faisal Malik Hendropriyono, special adviser to the president.


He explained that electric vehicle infrastructure can be built together with relevant parties.


He said: “In order to achieve the environmental goals for electric vehicles set by the government, we also hope that the construction of infrastructure will continue so as to provide convenience for electric vehicle owners.”


“If possible, other business owners should contribute to the development of electric vehicle infrastructure. So the government’s goals can be achieved,” he said, Antara reported on Saturday, May 27.



There are Already Relevant Policy Supports

Diaz further said that the EV incentive programs offered by the government could trigger people to switch to EVs, which could ultimately create an EV ecosystem in Indonesia.


“It’s normal, once [electric vehicles] reach mass production, electric vehicles will become cheaper,” he said.

President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo is very keen to usher in the era of electric vehicles in Indonesia. This is evidenced by the issuance of Presidential Regulation No. 55/2019, which oversees the acceleration of the battery electric vehicle program.


As Indonesia’s electrification process continues to advance, the Indonesian charging station market will gradually expand.


As a professional EV charger manufacturer, we will join the team that promotes electrification in Indonesia.

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