What is OCPP?

OCPP is the Open Charging Port Protocol, an open source communications standard for electric vehicle(EV) charging stations and software.

When both EV chargers and software comply with open charging port protocol requirements, they can communicate and collaborate with each other, even if they are from different companies.


To understand this protocol, you must first distinguish between software and hardware.

Obviously, the hardware is the EV charger, while the software is the tool to operate and maintain the charging station.


The charger and software can communicate with each other as long as they both meet OCPP requirements.


Nowadays, it is mainstream to use software that meets OCPP requirements, and there are many such software on the market.


In order to help you understand OCPP more deeply, this article will introduce 3 aspects:

1. Benefits of OCPP

2. Misunderstandings of OCPP

3. Advice on OCPP



Benefits Brought by OCPP

1. Take the initiative in choosing.

When choosing operational software, you can shop around to get the software with the best service and price.


2. Master the right to operate charging stations.

Run network software that allows you to control user access, set pricing, and even monitor and adjust energy consumption—all important features for commercial charging locations.


3. The operating software can be changed at any time.

When you invest in electric vehicle charging, you don’t want to be stuck in a setup where you can only use one network software. When something goes wrong with the software, for example: the software doesn’t work the way you want it to, the software provider raises the price, the network goes down completely, etc. You don’t have to worry about these things when you choose hardware that supports multiple software providers and software that runs on multiple brands of EV charging hardware.



Misunderstandings about OCPP

Some companies advertise their chargers as OCPP compliant by claiming they can run software. In fact their charging stations only work with their proprietary network software. Just because software can be used on hardware does not mean that other software can run on the hardware.



Advice on OCPP

Use charging stations and software that meet OCPP requirements. Preferably a matching charging station and software, as they are created to work with each other.


In short, choose an EV charger that meets OCPP requirements and you will get stronger compatibility. EV charging stations are a long-term investment you’d better make sure you have an optimal setup that is flexible enough to adapt to your needs in the future. 


All HOSTON EV charging stations are fully OCPP1.6J & 2.0 compliant, giving you the freedom to choose the hardware and software combination that works best for you. Contact us to learn more about the charging stations of the future.

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