Commercial EV charging station for your business

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By 2030, global sales of electric vehicles will exceed 70 million, and ownership will reach 380 million. The global annual new car penetration rate is expected to reach 60%. This data comes from the “Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2023” released by the International Energy Agency (hereinafter referred to as IEA).   There is an obvious […]

What benefits and harms of installing a workplace ev charger?

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The popularity of electric vehicles is on the rise, particularly among young people, who are increasingly accepting of this alternative mode of transportation. However, due to the limited availability of charging stations, queues for charging are very common. This is why the installation of EV chargers in the workplace is becoming more valuable for young […]

Oman Gas Stations Must Provide Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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HOSTON ENERGY 10, November, 2023 Oman’s Ministry of Investment Promotion issued Ministerial Resolution No.615/2023 on Sunday: It is mandatory for all gas stations in Oman to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.     More Electric Vehicle Charging Stations The main goal of this resolution is to improve the quality of gas stations and provide […]

How do EV charging stations make money? Get these 7 major ev charging business models in one article!

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With the rise in the market share of electric vehicles, there is also a surge in the demand for EV charging stations. In order to ensure sustainable and steady growth of electric vehicles, EV charging stations are the fundamental infrastructure that provides energy supply to these vehicles. Hence, a well-planned and scientific operational model is […]

What are the benefits of using 3 phase ev charger?

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A 3 phase EV charger is an AC EV charger that utilizes a three-phase electrical supply to charge electric vehicles. This type of charger is particularly useful for businesses, fleet operators, and public charging stations, as three-phase power is a common power source in commercial and industrial settings. For Commercial charging stations, DC fast charging […]

Top EV charging station manufacturers in China

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China is the world’s biggest market and manufacturer of electric vehicles and chargers. If you’re looking to buy electric vehicle (EV) chargers at wholesale prices, especially commercial EV chargers, working with a reliable EV charger supplier can help you with quality assessment and reduce your maintenance costs. The most important thing is to ensure a […]

China EV Charger Growing Fasting

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China has been a major player in the electric vehicle (EV) market and has made significant investments in EV infrastructure, including EV chargers. The country has been actively promoting the adoption of electric vehicles to reduce pollution and dependence on fossil fuels.   The China Charging Alliance has released new data indicating a 67.0% YoY […]

9 steps to set up ev charging station business

As we know, the electric vehicles market is more and more bigger. The electric vehicles (EV) Charging station business has become a good investment project. Starting an electric vehicle (EV) charging station business requires careful planning and consideration of various factors. Here is a 9-step guide to help get you started.   1, Research and […]