Oman Gas Stations Must Provide Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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10, November, 2023

Oman’s Ministry of Investment Promotion issued Ministerial Resolution No.615/2023 on Sunday:

It is mandatory for all gas stations in Oman to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.



More Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The main goal of this resolution is to improve the quality of gas stations and provide consumers with comprehensive services to adapt to the current economic conditions.


The decision also stipulates that all gas stations are obliged to provide necessary public facilities (toilets and other infrastructure).


Violators will receive a written warning and a penalty of 1,000 or 3,000 OMR, as appropriate.



More Electric Vehicles

It is worth noting that Oman currently has more than 400 electric vehicles and 100 charging stations. And Oman is working to increase electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


Oman’s Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology also announced that Oman will launch electric vehicle production in the Duqm Special Economic Zone.


The Department of Investment Promotion will continue to inspect 676 gas stations in various provinces of the Sultanate of Oman.



Complete Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Under the “Regulations for the Issuance of Licenses to Establish and Operate Petrol Stations”, a gas station should also include car washes, parking lots, hotels, food outlets, shops and other service facilities.


For new petrol stations on highways, restaurants, cafes, shops, public toilets and pharmacies are included as “must”.


With the introduction and implementation of policies, more and more people are choosing to build charging stations.

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