What are the benefits of using 3 phase ev charger?

22KW 3 phase EV charger

A 3 phase EV charger is an AC EV charger that utilizes a three-phase electrical supply to charge electric vehicles. This type of charger is particularly useful for businesses, fleet operators, and public charging stations, as three-phase power is a common power source in commercial and industrial settings.

3 phase ev charger

For Commercial charging stations, DC fast charging stations are becoming more prevalent and efficient than 3-phase EV chargers. Why do we still need 3 phase EV charger? Commercial charging businesses can enjoy several benefits by using 3-phase EV chargers as follows 4 points.

1, Easy to Installation

3 phase car chargers are easier to install compared to DC charging stations. It can be installed on a Wall, or on a pedestal.


2, Less infrastructure

You don’t need a construction team to work for your ev charger station, only need someone with a qualified electrician’s license can help you complete all the work.


3, You don’t need a Grid upgrade

A transformer box is a must for a DC fast charging station, and it is very costly. Besides, if your EV charger station nearby doesn’t have enough electrical power supply, even if the electrical company helps you increase the capacity of electrical, you should pay a big extra money. That will increase your EV charger station cost.


4, Suitable for various usage scenarios

3 phase EV chargers are a useful addition to DC EV chargers, providing benefits for fleets, retail, schools, hospitals, and parking lots. It is suitable for locations with insufficient power capacity, as a minimum DC fast charging station requires at least 50KW of power.


Perhaps you have other questions, such as how quickly a three-phase charger can charge for EVs.


3 phase EV chargers can be used to charge all types of EVs, the charging time depends on your ev charger power, the speed of charge that the car itself will allow, and the capacity of the EV’s battery. The maximum AC charging power allowed by electric vehicles varies. Some electric vehicles support a maximum of 11KW, and some support 22KW. If you use a 22kW 3 phase EV charger, your electric car can support AC charging up to 22kW, and with a 60kWh battery capacity, it will take approximately 3 hours to charge from 0-100%.


The above-mentioned are the advantages of using a three-phase EV charger. If you are searching for a supplier of three-phase chargers, Hoston is an excellent choice. Our 3 phase EV chargers are compatible with both single-phase and three-phase power sources.


Suitable for Home and Business use. The single-phase charger used at home can reach 7KW. However, if three-phase power is input, it can reach 22KW and is also compatible with 11KW. Furthermore, our AC fast charging comes with a certified built-in MID meter that enables regulatory-compliant monetized charging. Checking more about our ev chargers.

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