Is it suitable to install a level 3 EV charger at home?

Level 3 EV Chargers are also known as DC EV Chargers. They have the ability to directly supply power between 50 kilowatts (kW) to 500 kW to your car’s battery. Typically, these chargers are used for commercial charging stations.

Is it suitable to install a level 3 EV Charger at home?

The answer is: No.

We can explain why it is not suitable for the following three reasons.


1, Regarding household electric car chargers, they are generally below 7KW in usage. This is because, for household purposes, charging usually takes place at night and lasts for more than ten hours, which provides sufficient time for your electric car to recharge.

Although Level 3 EV chargers can shorten the charging time to 10-30 minutes, such fast charging speed is unnecessary for home use.


2, Another issue to consider is that the DC EV charger requires a significant amount of power, making it challenging to find a power supply that can accommodate it. Specifically, a Level 3 EV Charger needs at least 50KW of power, which is not commonly available in residential areas. As a result, installing a Level 3 EV Charger may be difficult due to the lack of appropriate infrastructure.


3, Level 3 EV chargers are 50-100 times more expensive than household chargers, which is too high from a cost perspective.

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Levle 3 ev charger


What is a home electric car charger?

Home electric vehicle chargers generally use AC power, with a charging capacity ranging between 3.5 KW – 7 KW. To calculate the charger’s power and charging time, you need to consider the voltage (V), current (A), and number of wire phases (1-3).

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Taking the Hoston Energy AHB22 AC EV Charger as an example, let’s assume you’re using single-phase wire access with 220V voltage and a current of 32A. In this case, the power calculation would be as follows:

220V * 32A * 1 = 7040W = 7.04KW.


If you have a three-phase electrical connection, the power calculation process is as follows:



How to calculate the charging time of your electric vehicle?


If your electric car has a 60 kWh battery capacity, use a 7 kW EV charger. The theoretical charging time for your electric vehicle from 0-100% is:

60Kwh/7Kw=8.5 hours


Using a 22KW EV Charger is:


60Kwh/22KW=2.7 Hours.


For electric cars, it is not necessary to wait until the battery is completely dead before charging. Therefore, a 3.5KW-7KW AC EV charger is sufficient for a family’s needs.

If you need commercial or home EV charger, speak with our experts.



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