Top EV charging station manufacturers in China

Commerical ev charging station

China is the world’s biggest market and manufacturer of electric vehicles and chargers. If you’re looking to buy electric vehicle (EV) chargers at wholesale prices, especially commercial EV chargers, working with a reliable EV charger supplier can help you with quality assessment and reduce your maintenance costs. The most important thing is to ensure a positive customer experience.


Houston Energy is a Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) chargers. Our range of products includes big and small DC EV charger stations, Level 2 and type 2 EV chargers, portable Level 1 chargers, type 1 EV chargers, and moveable small DC chargers.

ev charger manufacturers in china


We offer a diverse selection of EV chargers suitable for EV charger dealers, CPOs, all-electric vehicle fleets, hospitals, parking facilities, retail shops, utilities, apartments, shopping malls, and other settings. Additionally, we provide battery energy storage products that can be used in conjunction with EV chargers to address the issue of insufficient grid capacity.


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