Free Charging Will Gone in HK Government Facilities


26, July, 2023


—— The goal is to ensure the sustainable development of the EV business
—— It aims to promote electric vehicles


The Hong Kong government said on April 17 that it would stop charging electric vehicles for free at government facilities from the second half of the year.

Government says: “For the sustainable development of the EV service. Soon, HK EV drivers will have to pay to charge at HK government facilities.”

Currently, there are 5,300 charging stations in the city, of which 2,200 are government facilities.



Government’s Attitude towards EV Charging

“By the end of 2025. All charging stations in HK will charge fees, and many commercial charging stations will charge extra to prevent HK drivers from occupying parking Spaces,” said Lee Yaopei, president of the Hong Kong Motor Chamber of Commerce


Chief Executive Li Jiachao said that in 2035, HK will stop the registration of fuel vehicles and hybrid cars.

At the same time, Xie Zhanyun, director of the Environmental Protection Bureau, said that the electric field will be expanded to include buses, taxis, and ferries and so on.

The measures include testing electric ferries in 2024, piloting at least 180 electric commercial vehicles, and introducing around 700 electric buses and 3,000 electric taxis in 2027.



Current Status of EV Charging Market

Tesla, due to the early construction of charging stations to make the product best-selling, is far ahead of its rivals in all aspects.

Lawmaker Chen Keqin said other electric vehicle brands have not sold well because charging is an important consideration for HK drivers when they buy electric vehicles.


Obviously, electric vehicles will be more and more in HK, and the HK EV charging station market will be expanded. The construction of charging stations is in line with the future policy of HK, and the government will give support.


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The sooner, the leader.

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