Charging Fees at Electric Vehicles Public Charging Stations in China Have Generally Risen


2, August, 2023

– Charging fees at some EV charging stations have risen by more than 50%

– TELD, Star Charge, E charger brand responded to that

Since July 2023, many electric vehicle owners have reflected that the charging price of electric vehicles has generally risen, and even the charging cost of some EV charging stations has increased by more than 50%.



Some EV charging stations have increased the price by more than 50%

In 2021, the minimum price of TELD brand in Qingdao Supurui Lianyungang Road Phase II EV charging station is ¥0.6177/degree (including service fee ¥0.3/degree); now, the lowest price of the EV charging station is ¥0.83/degree. (Including service fee ¥0.33/degree).

In other words, over the past two years, the lowest price of the EV charging station has increased by about 34.37%.


According to the top news report, at 1:40 on July 7, Zhengzhou citizens charged at the city’s outer ring road Star charger charging station, with an average price of ¥0.51/degree, while on July 18, the charging price at the same charging station in the same period was ¥0.78/degree (including service fees).

It has risen more than 50% in the last 10 days.


Well-known local brands respond to price increases.

On July 22, TELD, Star Charge, E Charge and other brands responded to the Red Star Capital Bureau regarding price increases.

TELD customer service said: “Generally speaking, electricity prices will be adjusted in summer and may be increased.”


Xingchong Charging customer service said: “The charging price has increased because charging electricity prices were low in the past, and now the electricity prices are just adjusted back to normal levels.”


“Brands in the industry have increased the prices of charging stations, but there is no guarantee that there will be price reductions in the future.” Xingchong customer service told the Red Star Capital Bureau.


In addition, E Charger customer service told the Red Star Capital Bureau that taking Zhengzhou as an example, on July 14 this year, State Grid Henan Electric Vehicle Company adjusted the service fee of some electric vehicle charging stations in Zhengzhou to 0.36 yuan/kWh, but the previous price cannot be seen. 


They also claimed that since December 1, 2021, Zhengzhou has implemented a market-oriented electricity price reform policy. The electricity price will change on the first of every month, and the service fee will be “one price for one station”, which means that the service fees of different charging stations may be different. .


Therefore, we can foresee that the revenue from EV charging stations will increase significantly for commercial EV charging stations. And since the possibility of electricity price reductions is not guaranteed, this growth is likely to be long-term.
For family electric vehicle drivers, going out to charge is no longer as cost-effective as it used to be.


With the benefits of investing in commercial EV charging stations increasing, the cost of charging private cars rising, it’s time to invest in a commercial EV charging station or buy a home use EV charging station.


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