Hotel EV Charging Station Boom


11, December, 2023

Hotel electric vehicle charging stations are one of the effective ways for hotels to attract customers. Because electric car drivers are more willing to choose hotels with electric car charging stations than other services. Because it can both park and charge the vehicle.



The Potential of Hotel EV Charging Station

Hotels need more supporting facilities to attract customers. There are wise operators who realize this.

According to a survey report by Cox Automotive Company, the United States is in a period of rapid growth in the development of electric vehicles. Sales of electric vehicles in the United States will exceed 1 million this year. Clearly, there is a smart strategy for hotel operations – build hotel electric vehicle charging stations.


Hilton Hotels and Marriott Hotels in the United States have announced that they will install electric vehicle charging stations at more than 1,000 hotel locations.


“Hotels without electric vehicle charging stations are seriously uncompetitive in the market, and drivers will choose hotels with charging stations.” said Loren McDonald, an electric vehicle charging consultant.



Low-cost Hotel EV Charging Station

——Hotels Usually Build Level 2 EV Charging Station

The price of level 2 chargers will be relatively cheap, and the purchase cost is not high.

There is no need for hotel guests to recharge the battery within a short period of time. Level 2 charging stations can recharge most vehicle batteries in 8-12 hours.

This happens to be the time of sleep.


——Building Charging Stations Can Attract New Consumers

“Charging stations included” can be displayed on the hotel’s map information, and many drivers will come here to charge their cars.

There will be some tired drivers who need a break. Or some hungry drivers.

Electric vehicle charging stations could charge visitors and be free to customers. This can be done using an OCPP compliant charger.

Charging fees properly can even quickly make your charging station profitable.



What are the Benefits?

According to a survey by AHLA, about 26% of 17,000 hotels have electric vehicle charging stations.

Nearly 90% of luxury hotels provide charging stations. These hotels have become the first choice and attract a large number of customers.

Those hotels that do not offer electric vehicle charging facilities (only for sleeping) have an adoption rate of only 20%.


As the number of electric vehicle drivers increases, charging stations have become increasingly important to hotels’ market competitiveness.


So don’t miss your customers and don’t give up on electric car drivers.

Start building hotel electric vehicle charging stations now.

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