How to Find a Reliable EV Charger Manufacturer?

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When constructing a commercial EV charging station, the most important step is to acquire a reliable EV charger manufacturer. This involves finding a trustworthy manufacturing supplier, as purchasing from unreliable sources can make it challenging to carry out the necessary construction, operation, and maintenance of the charging station.

Actually, there are there are lots of manufacturers on the market so it’s hard to tell which one is reliable.

This article will briefly address this issue, show you how to find a reliable EV charger manufacturer.

There are 4 ways to check if a supplier is reliable:

1. Corporate Strength

2. Product Range

3. R&D (Research and Development) Ability

4. Company Philosophy

Corporate Strength

This mainly involves looking at the scale, history and project experience of the corporate.

A reliable manufacturer usually has many years of equipment manufacturing experience and a wealth of project experience. This is not only the embodiment of the manufacturer’s technical maturity, but also the embodiment of the reputation of the image.

Product Range

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It is not the manufacturer with more products that is better.

Sometimes, manufacturers with a wide range of products are likely to be just dealers who earn the difference, and they do not have a deep understanding of the industry. On the contrary, there is not much product variety, and the technology of manufacturers with comprehensive product coverage is more mature, more professional and more targeted.

Research and Development Group

Check if the manufacturer has its own R&D team.

Some EV charger manufacturers are outsourcing + assembly method, belong to non-independent research and development, such EV charger manufacturers not only the quality of the products is not guaranteed, and after-sales support will not be that good.

Company Philosophy

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Reliable manufacturers are definitely not simply selling electric vehicle charging stations.

Electricity is now the energy advocated by environmental protection, and the enterprise philosophy of manufacturers should echo the trend of environmental protection. High requirements for products are the embodiment of the concept of environmental protection, and enterprises that attach importance to the concept often pay more attention to the quality of products and the input of customers’ use experience.

This is also one of the reasons for the uneven price of electric vehicle charging stations in the market.

EV charging station manufacturers

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